PComp Labs: Asynchronous Serial Communication & Serial Input to P5

Intro to Asynchronous Serial Communications I don’t have an accelerometer an wasn’t able to acquire one in time for this lab, so I wired two potentiometers instead. All in all, I had one digital input (a switch) and two analog inputs (the two potentiometers). I also didn’t use CoolTerm for this lab, but plan to … Continue reading PComp Labs: Asynchronous Serial Communication & Serial Input to P5

Mixing it up

After Ben’s presentation on motors, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Zimoun’s 361 piece. For some reason, the rod and motor combination in the piece above made me think of a bunch of milkshake or drink mixers, or at least the motorized insides of a mixer. While I was contemplating what to build for this … Continue reading Mixing it up


Tragedy hath befallen this hapless student. For lack of saving, he hath lost his endeavor and been forced to find another. I didn’t save my work and I lost it when the editor crashed. Yes, you would think that by week 6 of the fall term of the 28th year of my life I would … Continue reading Dots

PComp Labs: Electronics!

Setting up a breadboard Switches Electronics And that’s the lab! I combined the potentiometer part at the end of this lab with our assignment to build our own switches. I built a light board (of sorts). You can see my documentation for this here.