Lofty Idea

On Monday, I was sitting on my couch watching the presidential debate, when it struck me that it would be fun to create something satirical about it for this week’s ICM assignment. I had this idea for a simple game where Hillary and Donald are on the screen behind podiums, saying quotes from the debate. … Continue reading Lofty Idea

Subway Conundrum

One of the first things you learn when you move to New York City is that the subway takes some getting used to. Once you get it you’re golden, but arriving at that point of near prescient use of the subway and it’s labyrinthine stations can take some time. That’s why you’ll often see tourists and … Continue reading Subway Conundrum


For my first project on the laser, I decided to make coasters, like for beverages. Only, these wouldn’t be regular coasters: they would connect together to form a trivet, puzzle, or whatever the user wants them to be. The idea was to create something simple yet multifunctional that will also be a good test of … Continue reading Coastin’

Flood It

A couple years ago I was suffering from an acute lack of inspiration and developed an addiction to a Chrome extension called Flood It. It was a game with a simple objective: flood the board with a single color in under a certain number of steps. If I was feeling unengaged in between meetings, I’d try to get a … Continue reading Flood It

Ooooooo! Pretty.

This week we played with circuits and I felt like a kid again. After witnessing the limitless power of circuits in parallel and the wonderful knobbiness of the potentiometer, I set out to build my own parallel circuit that could be dialed up or down by a user. A light board seemed like the perfect … Continue reading Ooooooo! Pretty.

Lessons Learned

Assignment number two for Intro to Fabrication is in the bag! Well, sort of. Sure it’s done, but it’s nowhere near what I had hoped for. Here’s what happened. Last Thursday I decided to give myself the high school shop class experience I never had: I decided to make my five-of-a-kind project birdhouses. In my … Continue reading Lessons Learned