Final Thoughts

I started this project interested in exploring B Corporations and Benefit Corporations, two similar for-profit business structures geared toward social good rather than simply profit maximization. Specifically, I wanted to investigate how sustainable these social business structures are in a capitalist system built around profit maximization and stockholder returns. First, a bit about B Corporations and … Continue reading Final Thoughts

Pivot and Prototype

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been struggling with my research topic. My interest in Certified B Corps and Benefit Corporations stemmed from my own experiences with socially oriented-businesses that imploded. These businesses weren’t B Corps or Benefit Corporations, but I had a hunch–supported by Etsy’s troubles–that businesses that are have similar problems. Through my … Continue reading Pivot and Prototype

Temp Ex Topic 2: B Corps

I first heard about B Corporations in 2012 while I was working at Quirky, an online invention platform with an outwardly social mission to make invention accessible to the masses. Quirky wasn’t itself a B Corp, but a handful of my colleagues there advocated for it becoming one. Around that time there was a strong … Continue reading Temp Ex Topic 2: B Corps